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As of February 1st, 2014, the entire country of Germany has been banned from accessing audio services on Savannah Radio Online servers due to excessive connections from that country that cannot be interpreted as anything other than a denial of service attack.

Too frequently had we found 150+ connections from Germany that were all established within a few seconds of each other, then remained persistently connected for 20+ hours without a break. The statistical probability that these are all brand new listeners who just love the station is about nil. So 40,750 firewall rules later, persons using IP addresses registered to Germany are no longer able to access our audio services.

These connections cause us to exceed our monthly data allotment causing us to buy more, and they also bog down our server making the stations unlistenable for our legitimate listeners.

How to fix it? Click that Donate button in the left column near the top of the page and throw money. If we can get $500 per month in donations from Germany, we'll reverse the ban on the country and, instead, focus on the abusers.

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