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Got an event coming up?

A wedding? Graduation? Birthday? Presentation? We have your entertainment!

Chuck Cannon Live on Location

Serving the bay area, Chuck Cannon has been responsible for the resounding success of many an event over the years. Chuck has all the gear to fill your venue with all the sound you need to get your guests up and moving!

Chuck has thousands of songs in his library, from the 50s all the way to the current hits of today, along with the talent and experience to get your crowd excited and on their feet!

Your best wedding reception, party, the special event that your guests will rave about for years is but a phone call away.

Call Chuck Cannon at (650) 295-9471 to schedule a meeting today!

Some testimonials:

Want rave reviews for your next big event? You need Chuck Cannon!

Call (650) 295-9471 or email today!

Here's a video we found of brides discussing the most important elements of their wedding receptions. Notice how the topic of DJ comes up pretty frequently?

Screen capture of Bridal Board 2011 video

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Screen capture of Chuck Cannon
Chuck Cannon on KKLQ
San Diego a while back...

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