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Golden Gate Greats is, at this time, completely listener supported. If you like what you hear, then please consider making a donation by clicking the Donate button at the top of the left column of any page on the site. Thank you to all of our contributors!

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We have two different streams for Golden Gate Greats. One is more efficient than the other, but doesn't work on all platforms. So, to listen to Golden Gate Greats, simply click the 64 kbps AAC button (below), then if that one doesn't work, the 128 kbps MP3 likely will.

You can also select your operating system at the top of the page and listen that way. All of the streams have identical content.

Why two streams? Because Windows didn't inlude native support for AAC until Windows 7, and some Internet radios don't support AAC streaming. So we include AAC for those who can use it, and MP3 for those who can't.

Need a great DJ for your next event? Click here for more info about the Bay Area's newest (and bestest!) Party DJ, Chuck Cannon!

Are you thinking that just any ol' DJ can get the job done? Check out this video...

Screen capture of Bridal Board 2011 video

The Truth Behind Plastic Bags
by Erin Lem

I'll be the first to admit that between my multiple jobs and busy family life I often find it difficult to lead a completely healthy and sustainable lifestyle despite my altruistic intentions.

I have learned however that in spite of my active barely-have-time-to-eat-lunch lifestyle, there are hassle-free actions that I can integrate into my daily life that will reduce my carbon footprint and improve the quality of Mother Earth. One such action is to eliminate (or at least decrease) plastic bag usage. (more...)

Screen capture of Chuck Cannon
Chuck Cannon on KKLQ
San Diego a while back...
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