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To listen on most smartphones...

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There is a marvelous radio streaming application, available for free, which works on the Blackberry, iPad / iPhone, and Android platforms. It's called TuneIn. With TuneIn's mobile app, you can listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world (of course, we hope you'll choose ours).

You can download the app using the BlackBerry's App World, iPhone or iPad's App Store, or Android Market. It's completely free of charge, and you need not register or anything.

Once you download the app, just open it, read and heed the bandwidth warning that it presents, and proceed to the home screen. You can tick the checkbox so that TuneIn will never show that bandwidth warning again, if you like.

At the top of the home page, you'll find a search box, where you can type golden gate greats. You can include the spaces, but you don't have to, and capital letters aren't required, either.

Once you see Golden Gate Greats in the results, just click it! The station will begin playing. You can, then, hit your phone's equivalent of a menu button and select Add to Presets. Now, you can listen anytime by just launching TuneIn, then click My Presets from the home menu, then click the entry for Golden Gate Greats, and Presto!

You can add other stations to your My Presets folder as well, stations from just about anywhere on the planet. May we suggest our sister station, Wave 1049 Online!

Does your car stereo have an Aux jack? If it does, you'll want to stop by a Radio Shack or other electronics retailer and get a cable to connect your phone to your car stereo for the best sound all around! Be sure and cop a car charger for your mobile device while you're there, 'cause streaming radio will chomp right through your battery's charge if you don't have one.

You can also use your earbuds or even headphones on your mobile device! It'll sound Golden Gate Great!

To listen on your computer...

The Computer listen-links at the top and bottom of each page should suffice for just about everybody listening on a computer running Windows, Mac Os X , or any human-friendly flavor of Linux, such as Ubuntu or Mandriva.   They don't, however, work for all cellphones, and they may not work so well for Internet radios, either. Fortunately, there are solutions!

We have lots of listen-links for a variety of players, but if you are using a Windows version earlier than XP-Home - i.e., Windows 95, 98, NT, Me or 2000, you might have some trouble. All current versions of RealPlayer, WinAmp and Windows Media Player require XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Fortunately, there is a player supported on earlier Windows versions, the KM Player. Click here to download it from cnet (Windows-only). Generally, software downloaded from cnet is considered safe, but it's always a good idea to scan freshly-downloaded software for viruses before installing it.

If you're running any flavor of Mac OS, Windows 7 & up, or a human-friendly Linux, you shouldn't have any problems.

Internet radios generally have a built-in menu system sorted by geography or format, or both. Try choosing the geographic method. Usually, you'll select a continent, then a country, then a state, then a format. You may find us under Location | North America | United States | California | Oldies, depending on which brand of Internet radio you have.  If this doesn't work, please click here for more information than you probably ever wanted to know about Internet radios.

Grace Digital Internet Radio
iLuv Internet Radio

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Screen capture of Chuck Cannon
Chuck Cannon on KKLQ
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