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Jim DeLara
    your station engineer

Hello It's Me

Jim DeLara, born in Athens, GA back in ...a really long time ago, has lived in the beautiful city of Savannah GA for most of his life, save for his teenage years, in Columbus Ohio, also a beautiful city.

I'm in the Clique

JD was trained at the Columbus Technical Institute and worked in the mobile phone, then two-way radio industries for many years, before finding an opportunity to enter the broadcast radio industry in 2001, becoming a part-time board operator & air talent for a Hilton Head, South Carolina based cluster of 7 radio stations. As time passed, JD was recognized as someone who needed to be on the team full-time, and was brought on board to program one of the 7 radio stations, Wave 104.9, and to serve as IT director and 2nd engineer for the group.

Broke Down and Busted

Wave 104.9 was sold-off in November of 2007. JD remained on the staff of the remaining 6 stations for another 2 years until... new management came on board, and ...everything changed, as things are often wont to do in this biz.

Second Wind

After a few months of freedom, JD reconnected with his old friend and compatriot Chuck Cannon, who wanted to create an Internet radio station. JD agreed to build and support this new station, starting a new company in the process. Savannah Radio Online exists to provide a single point of marketing and technical support for local former broadcasters like himself and Chuck Cannon.

A Dream Lives On Forever

Having been the former (and final) program director for the now-defunct Wave 104.9, JD decided to revive that station on the Internet as well, which led to the creation of Wave 1049 Online.

Birthday Carol

Chuck's new station, Savannah's Cool Oldies, debuted in June of 2009, and Wave 1049 Online followed in November.


When Chuck Cannon made the decision to return home to the Bay area, JD engineered the re-location of the station operation from Savannah to, currently, San Mateo, as Chuck rebranded the station from Savannah's Cool Oldies to Golden Gate Greats.


JD has added web mastering to his palette of talents, having built the web sites for Savannah Radio Online, Wave 1049 Online, and now Golden Gate Greats.

Le Feel Internationale

When JD is not 'playing on the computer', he enjoys roller blading & bike riding, music, fine dining, and all things French, from the language to the music scene, et bien sur le cinema!

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Screen capture of Chuck Cannon
Chuck Cannon on KKLQ
San Diego a while back...

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