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Denis Reidy
    your voice-guy

Boy from New York City

Denis was born and raised in Manhattan and he's very proud of his Irish heritage. His radio career began at 99X in New York, where he started scrubbing floors in the basement and climbed the ladder to Assistant Music Director.


Denis has many claims to fame, one of them being he was the first contestant on The 10,000 Dollar Pyramid. It was (allegedly --ed.) rigged! He actually won the first round. Denis was also at the famous (Peter) Frampton Comes Alive concert. In a prescient moment Denis told his date, "you never know, he could be big someday."

I Get Around

Denis worked on-the-air at WSGA in Savannah GA as Denis Reid from 1977 - 1981. His 35 year radio career includes stops at WRNL and WDYL in Richmond and at WCMS in Norfolk. Denis moonlights as an actor and has appeared on the TV Shows: FBI Files and New Detectives.


Denis is deep down, to the core, nice and has a sensitive side he doesn't want you to know about. 15 years ago he met a wonderful woman named Donna and she's been a great influence on him.

Rock and Roll Music

Denis gets the rest of his smile from his kids in Florida, Sharise and Elias Reidy. Elias played lead guitar for the rock band, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. His daughter has three children, Kaden, Kaylee, and Zander. She'll embark on her "music career" after the kids grow up a little.

Favorite Artists: Dion, Johnny Rivers, Martha & The Vandellas, Supremes and Marvin Gaye
Favorite Actor: Clint Eastwood
Favorite New TV Show: Burn Notice
Favorite Old TV: Good Times
Favorite Exercise: Basketball, mowing the lawn

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